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MH RetroMag


Este é un tema fillo de MH Magazine lite.

Versión: 1.0.1

Última actualización: Xullo 17, 2017

Instalacións activas: 1.000+

Páxina de inicio do tema

MH RetroMag is a beautiful blog, magazine & news WordPress theme for editorial retro magazines and vintage sites. This child theme for MH Magazine lite comes with a boxed layout, transparent header, black / yellow color scheme and fancy ribbon styles for widget titles. MH RetroMag is ideal if you want to launch a retro online newspaper or online magazine with topics related to vintage, nostalgia or else. You can have the same design and layout with the premium version of MH Magazine (without the need of a child theme) which can be configured by making use of the flexible layout options. MH Magazine offers additional widget areas, multiple unique custom widgets, great features and extended layout options to manage several layout elements on your site including changing the color scheme and typography.

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