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Christmas Holiday


Tema comercial


Este tema é gratuíto mais ofrece actualizacións ou soporte comercial de pago.

Versión: 0.3.6

Última actualización: Febreiro 22, 2024

Instalacións activas: 90+

Versión de WordPress: 5.0 ou superior

Versión de PHP: 7.2 ou superior

Páxina de inicio do tema

Christmas Holiday theme is the right choice if you're looking to open an online Christmas Store. This combinational theme in red and white is perfect for the Christian holiday Christmas. This WordPress Responsive theme will decorate your e-Commerce store for Christmas gifts and decorations. It features the featured products and offers a discount. You can connect with your customers using an eCommerce-compatible theme and offer services at their doorstep. Our Christmas Holiday Theme will help you create a colourful and vibrant website and celebrate the upcoming holy Christmas. This theme is suitable for Christmas, ecommerce, latest UI/UX practices. The WordPress Theme Customizer allows you to add any font from Google Web Fonts. The Theme Customizer allows you to control all font sizes. We analyze the market and predict future trends in this industry. We have successfully integrated all the highest-quality features and user-friendly attributes. It is compatible with both the latest WordPress version and WooCommerce. Christmas Holiday is a premium WordPress theme that can be used to build WooCommerce online shops of any size. The theme focuses on the user experience and uses powerful tech to provide a seamless online shopping experience without needing constant page refreshes. Demo:

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